Aspen Private Capital approaches investing from a very different perspective. Our basic assumption is that no two situations are alike, and every company has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the first part of any engagement involves our full evaluation of the existing environment that an entity operates in, followed by an assessment and recommendation regarding the optimum environment that the company should consider creating. By being straightforward, and confronting all of the circumstances of each situation, we are able to provide practical, matter of fact counsel, and thereafter propose the appropriate and implementable plan of action that will bring an organization to the next level. With the existing and ideal environments fully established, we can move to the next phase which may include some or all of the following:
• Strategic Planning
• Capital Needs Assessment
• Capital Procurement Planning
• Valuation Determination
• Corporate Structure
• Actual and Pro-forma Financial Planning
• Deal Structure and Negotiating
• Acquisition Planning and Execution
• Joint Venture Creation and Execution
• Sale of Companies
• Corporate Governance
• On-Going Consulting Services

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