Brandon L. Marion

The Founder and Managing Partner of Aspen Private Capital has an extremely diverse background in both the private and public markets. Over the past 27 years Mr. Marion has worked internationally with hundreds of companies and individuals.

In the course of his business dealings, Mr. Marion has amassed a global network of contacts engaged in a broad spectrum of industries. He has consulted and/or managed assets for individuals and companies ranging in size from small privately held firms to multi-billion dollar multi-national corporations.

Throughout his career, Mr. Marion has handled personal and private issues for many high profile individuals and companies with the utmost discretion and candor. His clients have trusted him with issues intimate to their personal and business survival.

Mr. Marion brings a unique skill set and fresh viewpoint to the table. His vast knowledge of organizational structure and financial markets enables him to manage and counsel the most complex of matters, and to assist companies in the expansion of their business.

Prior to starting Aspen Private Capital, Mr. Marion, along with his partner, owned Bulldog Capital Management, an international investment firm and hedge fund. Together they managed over $1.4 billion dollars in public and private investments. Bulldog was one of the first alternative investment firms which established business protocols in addition to investment protocols, that allowed Bulldog to build a stable and productive firm. Bulldog set the standard for transparency and client communications in an industry that was previously unwilling to share information about investments and protocols.

Aspen Private Capital carries forth this tradition of full disclosure, open communication and full transparency, and maintains the highest degree of confidentiality for its clients.

In addition to his activities at Aspen Private Capital, Mr. Marion serves on the boards of directors of several companies, and regularly provides consulting and investment banking services.

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